Beside It: Folds Away for Easy Navigation & Deploys for Spacious Relaxation

  • Universal Design: Whether you have a pontoon boat, a fishing skiff, or a yacht tender, Beside It's secure webbing straps attach to most boats with D-rings or other suitable points, making it the most versatile swim platform on the market.
  • Effortless Deployment & Storage: When you're ready to hit the water, simply inflate Beside It using the included pump. When underway, Beside It. folds neatly against the side of your boat, taking up minimal space with a profile of only 8 inches.
  • Ample Space to Relax: Unfolded, Beside It boasts a spacious 2ft x 6ft platform, providing ample room for you to relax with your feet in the cool water, sunbathe, or even act as a temporary staging area for bringing coolers or gear onboard.

Beside It: More Than Just a Swim Platform, It's a Boating Game Changer

  • Safe Haven for Kids: Beside It creates a swimming and play area away from the motor and prop for children, keeping them close to the boat while they enjoy the water.
  • Enhanced Boat Experience: Use Beside It as a platform for easily putting on snorkeling equipment for underwater adventures.
  • Boat Maintenance Made Simple: The platform provides a stable base for easy access to the exterior of your boat for cleaning or minor maintenance tasks.

Upgrade Your Boating Experience with Beside It Today!