About Us

Who are we?

As ambitious outdoorsmen and dads to young kids, the river has been our playground for all kinds of outings, and this is where Beside It. was born... Made for the rigors and ease of use on rivers, now for all kinds of boats.  

Well, actually we were Over It. first. We started by creating a semi-permeable cover for whitewater rafts - it breathes like Egyptian cotton: www.raftcovers.com 

We then created the Beside It. inflatable swim platform as a way for our families to be able to enjoy the boat and water more.

"As someone that grew up water skiing and wakeboarding in the midwest, I always enjoyed the water level swim deck off the back of my parent's ski boat. This is a way to have that same ease of access the water, on any boat. It gives you a spot to sit with your legs in the water, have a drink. 

I hope this brings your families as many memories as I have of laughing with family and friends in the boat."